Gmail Users, Watch Out! Windows 10 Mail is Deleting Your Emails & Microsoft Doesn't Have A Fix

If you are a Gmail user, using a Windows 10 computing device and using Microsoft’s Mail application to manage your Gmail account, you are in for serious trouble. It turns out that Microsoft’s never-ending stream of broken Windows 10 updates continues, and this time around, it is the Mail app which gains these rather unwelcome powers of somehow deleting your emails as it pleases or sending them to spam. The worrying thing is, once the Windows 10 Mail app makes these unpromoted changes all on its own, the same emails also get deleted from the Gmail web interface.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, at least on their Community pages, but till now, a fix isn’t forthcoming. However, they do offer workaround solutions to get rid of the issue for the time being. “I have done some further study into this problem. The latest version of Windows Mail has broken the settings for Gmail. The automated method for adding the account using the Google link provided by the Mail app no longer works. The best way to work around this is to remove the Gmail account from the Mail app and then re-add it manually via the Other Account POP/IMAP route using the IMAP settings as described in Gmail help,” says Phil C, Insider MVP, in a reply to a Windows 10 user. Basically, you need to remove your Gmail account from the Mail app and then re-add it as a POP/IMAP account.

There is another problem that Microsoft has to deal with, and that has to do with Gmail re-classifying the Windows 10 Mail app as a less secure app, thereby restricting some functionity at its end to protect your data and privacy. “One other thing you may have to do is change a security setting in Google to allow access to less secure apps. Google now considers the Windows Mail App a less secure app and therefore blocks it from doing some tasks,” says Phil C.

So, what does Microsoft suggest for this? They say the best thing to do is use Gmail via the web browser for the time bring. Great, thank you for that tip.

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