'Kings Of the Castle' is the Latest Addition to Apple Arcade

Apple announced its game subscription service Apple Arcade in September last year and ever since its launch, the company has added new titles every week, giving more options to the gaming service subscribers. While the tech giant already had close to 100 games during the time of launch, the service has added another game in the following weeks. For the unversed, Apple Arcade is available free for the first month, after which you need to pay Rs 99 a month. Apple Arcade is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. Here’s a look at all the recent additions:

1. Kings of the Castle (Launched on January 17, 2020): Sold by Frosty Pop Games Incl., Kings of the Castle is a multiplayer game, which can be played solo or with multiple players. One needs to save the prince before anyone else. The description reads, “Playing as the princess, you must use your speed, courage, and savvy sense of direction to save the prince. Avoid traps, battle enemies, jump over obstacles, and collect gems along your journey to pay a ransom for the prince’s safe return. But do it fast. The dragon is hungry!”

2. No Way Home (Launched on January 10, 2020): Apple Arcade’s latest next-in-line title is No Way Home. In the game, the player is stranded in a strange galaxy and has to fight for survival. One can use props like wits, ship and party planning robot companion. The game comes with “hand-drawn artwork, 50+ weapons, 60 unique enemies, an immersive mission system, daily challenges, and more”.

3. Doomsday Vault (Launched on January 3, 2020): Apple Arcade began the New Year with the launch of Doomsday Vault, a lone mission in a post-climate collapse Earth. The description reads, “Adventure around the world in your robotic suit and use your suit’s tools and abilities to explore challenging environments. Navigate desolate landscapes, flooded cities and derelict buildings to find seeds from critical plant species and return them to the safety of the Vault.”

4. LEGO Builder’s Journey (Launched on December 20, 2019): The last ended with the launch of Lego’s Builder’s Journey on Apple Arcade. A player has to undertake the journey, filled with “ups and downs, challenges and celebrations”.