59 Chinese Apps Banned in India: Here is the Full List

Representative image. (Photo: Telenor)

Representative image. (Photo: Telenor)

The list of Chinese apps banned in India include TikTok, Shareit, Shein, UC Browser, Mi Community, Clash of Kings and more.

  • Last Updated: June 29, 2020, 9:42 PM IST

The government of India has announced a ban on 59 Chinese apps that were listed on the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS App Store in India. The list includes the popular short video service TikTok, browser and content app UC Browser, file sharing service Shareit, women-specific fashion shopping app Shein, popular mobile game Clash of Kings, and more. These apps have been deemed to be a threat to the sovereignty of India, and comes in light of India and China’s Galwan Valley clash. The apps have reportedly been penalised based on intelligence information regarding how they share data with their parent companies, all of which are based in India. On this note, here is the full list of all 59 apps that have been announced as banned in India.




UC Browser

Baidu map


Clash of Kings

DU battery saver



YouCam makeup

Mi Community

CM Browser

Virus Cleaner

APUS Browser


Club Factory


Beauty Plus


UC News

QQ Mail



QQ Music

QQ Newsfeed

Bigo Live


Mail Master

Parallel Space

Mi Video Call – Xiaomi


ES File Explorer

Viva Video – QU Video Inc


Vigo Video

New Video Status

DU Recorder

Vault- Hide

Cache Cleaner DU App studio

DU Cleaner

DU Browser

Hago Play With New Friends

Cam Scanner

Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile

Wonder Camera

Photo Wonder

QQ Player

We Meet

Sweet Selfie

Baidu Translate


QQ International

QQ Security Center

QQ Launcher

U Video

V fly Status Video

Mobile Legends

DU Privacy


iOS 14 Leaked in Full to Hackers and Jailbreakers, But iPhones May Still be Secure

An iPhone X is seen on a large video screen in the new Apple Visitor Center in Cupertino, California, US, November 17, 2017. (Photo: Reuters)

An iPhone X is seen on a large video screen in the new Apple Visitor Center in Cupertino, California, US, November 17, 2017. (Photo: Reuters)

This is the earliest that the iOS 14 source code has been leaked out to jailbreakers, but that may also come with a downside for cyber criminals.

  • Last Updated: May 25, 2020, 10:30 AM IST

An early, in-development copy of iOS 14, nabbed from the market on a testing phase iPhone 11, has reportedly been doing the rounds on the internet from as early as February this year, according to a report by Vice US’ Motherboard. According to the sources that it spoke to, the early copy of iOS 14 was from December 2019, and was certified as a developer-only copy that wasn’t meant to be accessed outside of a tight circle. However, what’s alarming is that, with the iOS 14 developer build leaking out in full over eight months in advance, this made for one of the biggest leaks from Apple, for both hackers and security researchers alike.

According to Motherboard’s sources, the source code has been leaked out to a wide number of people including security researchers to explore possible flaws in the early iOS 14 framework, and hackers for the same reason as well. However, there are a number of factors at play here. Since this comes as a very early copy of iOS 14, many things may change about the final build of the OS. This is coupled with the fact that Apple does not sit back and take in leaks such as this, and this typically has stringent repercussions of jailbreakers and anyone that steals their code.

As a result, what remains to be seen is if the procuring of the iOS 14 source code does lead to the discovering of any particular flaw that deals lasting injury to Apple. Given the timelines, Apple will likely be able to work in-house on further identification of issues with iOS 14, and fix a host of them by themselves. As a result, despite the iOS 14 source code leaking out this early, it may not be so that the vaunted levels of security of iOS would be affected badly. This, in turn, would mean that your iPhones will likely still remain as secure as they are today.

However, that said, frequencies of jailbreaks for iPhones have increased. Hackers have so far managed to release jailbreaks of almost every version of iOS out there. The utility of jailbreaking iPhones has remained largely debatable — while some cite the lack of security that it represents, others have stated that getting a freedom from the walled garden approach of Apple can make the iPhone experience significantly different. That, however, is a large part of the Apple experience that the company has always attempted to sell to its users, and for the large part, it has worked.

As Motherboard said in its report, this is the first time that an upcoming version of iOS has leaked in full this many months ahead of its public launch, which will likely take place some time in September. This is coupled with the fact that exploitable iOS flaws are sold in the market at a significantly lesser rate, which does mean that some cracks are beginning to appear in iOS 14’s armour. For now, though, your iPhones will still be more secure than many other systems out there.,14,Leaked,in,Full,to,Hackers,and,Jailbreakers,,But,iPhones,May,Still,be,Secure,apple,internals,Apple,iOS,14,&publish_min=2020-05-23T12:04:31.000Z&publish_max=2020-05-25T12:04:31.000Z&sort_by=date-relevance&order_by=0&limit=2

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SpaceX Crew Dragon's First Manned Flight on May 27: Full Launch Day Programme

Illustrated depiction of the launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon from Pad 39a of NASA's Kennedy Space Center on May 27. (Image: SpaceX)

Illustrated depiction of the launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon from Pad 39a of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on May 27. (Image: SpaceX)

It’s a new chapter in the saga of private space missions, with Demo-2 Crew Dragon set to fly Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the ISS.

  • Last Updated: May 24, 2020, 3:51 PM IST

This week is set to be a historic one for SpaceX and the entire saga of privatisation of space. On May 27, SpaceX’s first manned space flight is set to take off for the International Space Station at 4:33PM EDT (2:03AM IST on May 28), from Pad 39a of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. After an exhaustive set of tests undertaken recently by SpaceX, the Elon Musk-backed company will launch its first manned spacecraft, the Crew Dragon, in a mission that has been named Demo-2.

The mission will carry NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the ISS as the first trial mission. If everything goes well, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and the Falcon 9 rocket will receive validation and get cleared for future crew missions, the first of which will commence from later this year. With this in mind, May 27 is set to be a big day — not just for SpaceX and Musk, but also for the history of private space flights. With a rehearsed schedule, here’s how the launch day is expected to pan out.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Falcon 9 pre-launch

Pre-launch operations

  • Five hours ahead of launch, astronauts Behnken and Hurley are set to arrive at the NASA crew quarters about 14km from the launch site in a shiny Tesla Model X. At around the same time, the US Air Force’s Weather Squadron will explore the weather conditions in hope of a good weather launch.
  • If the conditions are not favourable, the launch will be aborted, and the next slot is reserved for May 30. Post a heavy breakfast, the astronauts will suit up and arrive at the historic launch pad 39a at the NASA Kennedy Space Center three hours ahead of launch.
  • With 2 hours and 15 minutes left on the timer, Behnken and Hurley will enter the Crew Dragon spacecraft through a new elevated access arm, taking them to the small human module atop the tall SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
  • After 25 minutes of setting everything in order, the transit hatch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft will be locked. The next time it will open is once the craft reaches the ISS docking station.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Falcon 9 separation

Lift-off and separation

  • After lift-off at 4:33PM EDT from the Kennedy Space Center, it will take 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the Falcon 9’s first stage booster to separate from the rocket’s second stage. Post separation, the first stage booster will prepare to land back on Earth — a crucial step for SpaceX’s promise of reusable rockets in making space travel more affordable.
  • The return phase of the booster will involve a flip manoeuvre, following which it will fire its engines for a back and re-entry burn. The trajectory it will follow will bring it down to an autonomous drone ship called ‘Of course I still love you’ — famous in its own right for being witness to almost all of SpaceX’s successful and failed flight trials.
  • Meanwhile, up in space, the second stage will fire its engines post separation and continue to do so for about six minutes, following which it too will separate from the Crew Dragon, therefore leaving it alone in space for the first time. The Crew Dragon’s spaceflight energy will be drawn from solar panels which are integrated directly into the rocket’s body.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Falcon 9 docking

ISS approach and docking

  • Following this, Crew Dragon will continue a number of manoeuvres on its own to raise its elevation up to 400km from Earth, and enter the ISS ‘Keep-out sphere’ — a periphery around the ISS.
  • At this altitude, it will then begin its approach towards Pressurised Mating Adapter-2, or PMA-2 on the ISS’ Harmony module, which is designated as the Crew Dragon’s docking station. The entire docking procedure is fully autonomous, and will be manoeuvred slowly for obvious reasons.
  • The entire elevation, approach and docking procedure will take the longest duration, and is scheduled to take place at 11:29AM EDT on May 28 (8:59PM IST), which is precisely 18 hours and 56 minutes after lift-off.
  • Once the docking procedure is complete, Crew Dragon’s hatch will be opened at 1:55PM EDT (11:25PM IST), 2 hours and 26 minutes after docking. Behnken and Hurley will join NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Russian cosmonauts Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin, who are already at the ISS as part of Expedition 63.

Schedule courtesy:,Crew,Dragon’s,First,Manned,Flight,on,May,27:,Full,Launch,Day,Programme,International,Space,Station,Kennedy,Space,Center,&publish_min=2020-05-23T06:08:19.000Z&publish_max=2020-05-25T06:08:19.000Z&sort_by=date-relevance&order_by=0&limit=2

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Flipkart Awaits Advisory From States to Resume Full Services Despite Relaxation from Govt

Walmart-owned Flipkart on Monday said it is awaiting advisories from different states for resuming full services, including in red zones, a day after Home Ministry’s guidelines on lockdown 4.0 were released. According to Union Home Ministry’s order on Sunday, “all other activities will be permitted, except those which are specifically prohibited” under the fourth phase of the lockdown that ends on May 31.

However, in containment zones, only essential activities will be allowed. States and union territories, based on their assessment of the situation, may prohibit certain other activities in various zones or impose such restrictions as deemed necessary, the order had added.

“Post the Government of India’s guidelines last evening, we are awaiting the advisories from different states. We will continue to work in accordance with the directives from the government and local authorities while serving customers, sellers through our safe supply chain,” a Flipkart Group spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that the company is working with lakhs of MSMEs and sellers across India to provide them with constant counsel and help with their business readiness, and is following safety and health procedures at its facilities and for supply chain and delivery staff.

“Our seller support team is providing on-ground support to sellers to help them resume operations swiftly and make products available for the consumers in this time of need…,” the spokesperson said. “We welcome the efforts by the governments at Centre and states in progressively charting out a lockdown exit plan and allowing e-commerce to serve the consumers with their varied product needs in all the classified zones, except containment zones,” the spokesperson added.

In the first two phases of the lockdown (that started from March 25), e-commerce companies were allowed to sell only essential items like grocery, healthcare and pharmaceutical products. In the third phase (May 4-17), these platforms were allowed to sell all items in orange and green zones, but only essential items were allowed to be shipped in red zones, which included top e-commerce hubs like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad.

An Amazon India spokesperson said the latest development will give a fillip to the six lakh retailers and MSMEs on its marketplace and help revive economic activity more broadly. “We are humbled by the opportunity to be an extended partner to the government as it balances saving lives alongside creating livelihood. We remain committed as always to ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees while creating business and employment opportunity,” the spokesperson added.

E-commerce platforms saw a significant impact on their businesses during the lockdown, given that grocery segment accounts for a small portion of online sales. Sales of non-essential items on e-commerce platforms in the first week of May, after-sales of such items were allowed in green and orange zones, were lower than last year on account of the lockdown.

However, industry executives said orders were scaling as people bought apparel, smartphones and grooming products among other items. The industry continues to face the challenge of availability of limited manpower for warehouses and delivery.

Paytm Mall said it saw a 50 per cent surge in sales for grooming products like shavers, trimmers, epilators, hair straighteners and styling products and hair dryers, from tier II and III cities in May over March. Most trimmers were sold in cities like Lucknow, Raipur, Guwahati, Belgaum, Nagpur, Surat, and other smaller cities.

The company said it has also seen a steady increase in the number of female shoppers from smaller towns on its platform. “We believe the lockdown has made people realize in metros as well as smaller cities that personal grooming products should always be kept handy. We think the demand for these products is set to rise further over the next few weeks and post that it would remain consistently high,” Srinivas Mothey, Senior Vice President of Paytm Mall, said.

Industry body IAMAI said digital services till date have helped ease the burden of lockdown with services facilitating work from home, e-commerce, edutech, digital payments and digital entertainment. “Even as lockdown 4.0 is extended, the country is looking at a new normal where social interactions are bound to be severely distorted, either under injunction or public awareness or concerns. Digital platforms are the only plausible medium for both businesses and customers in the coming days and need to be strengthened,” the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) said.

It added that the “bold and emerging Indian tech start-up sector is more than capable to develop a self-reliant digital services sector that can cater to the needs of the country in the new normal”.,Awaits,Advisory,From,States,to,Resume,Full,Services,Despite,Relaxation,from,Govt,amazon,coronavirus,&publish_min=2020-05-20T13:05:56.000Z&publish_max=2020-05-22T13:05:56.000Z&sort_by=date-relevance&order_by=0&limit=2


You Can Now Buy Non-Essential Items Online in These Districts: Full List Here

The government of India has announced the extension of the Covid-19 lockdown in the country by another two weeks. However, the deadline extension comes with staggered relaxation of rules, which is designed to allow the Indian economy to open up gradually. As part of the new directive, the Indian government has suggested that e-commerce companies will now be able to trade non-essential items in all orange and green zones across India. This means that if you are not in the red zone, you can now order for items such as smartphones, clothing, books or any other type of goods.

The news will come as a major breather for e-commerce giants in India such as Flipkart, Amazon India and others. With the nationwide lockdown imposed strictly and only essential items, such as groceries, medicines and medical equipment allowed to remain operational through e-commerce websites, India witnessed its first month in history where not a single mobile phone was sold online through the entire month of April. With the new directive, e-commerce companies can resume selling and delivering the non-essential items in all of the green and orange zones, while red zones will only be able to purchase essential goods.

It is important to note that all of India’s leading metropolitan cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, have been designated as red zones. As a result, the operation of e-commerce services will largely be allowed to resume in a close to normal fashion in tier 2 cities and beyond only, at least for now. With this in mind, here is the full list of all green and orange zones across India, which will now be able to order for non-essential items as well.

Nicobars – Andaman And Nicobar Islands – Green Zone

North And Middle Andaman – Andaman And Nicobar Islands – Green Zone

West Godavari – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

YSR – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

Anantapur – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

Prakasam – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

East Godavari – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

Srikakulam – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

Visakhapatanam – Andhra Pradesh – Orange Zone

Vizianagaram – Andhra Pradesh – Green Zone

Lohit – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Changlang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Dibang Valley – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

East Kameng – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

East Siang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

KurungKumey – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Lower Dibang Valley – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Lower Subansiri – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Papum Pare – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Tawang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Tirap – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Upper Siang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Upper Subansiri – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

West Kameng – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

West Siang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Anjaw – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Longding – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

KraDaadi – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Namsai – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Siang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Kamle – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Lower Siang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

PakkeKessang – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Leparada – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Shi Yomi – Arunachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Dhubri – Assam – Orange Zone

Marigaon – Assam – Orange Zone

Goalpara – Assam – Orange Zone

Golaghat – Assam – Green Zone

Karimganj – Assam – Green Zone

Nalbari – Assam – Green Zone

Hailakandi – Assam – Green Zone

Cachar – Assam – Green Zone

Kamrup – Assam – Green Zone

Lakhimpur – Assam – Green Zone

Kamrup Metro – Assam – Green Zone

South SalmaraMancachar – Assam – Green Zone

Barpeta – Assam – Green Zone

Bongaigaon – Assam – Green Zone

Darrang – Assam – Green Zone

Dhemaji – Assam – Green Zone

Dibrugarh – Assam – Green Zone

Jorhat – Assam – Green Zone

KarbiAnglong – Assam – Green Zone

Kokrajhar – Assam – Green Zone

Nagaon – Assam – Green Zone

Dima Hasao – Assam – Green Zone

Sivasagar – Assam – Green Zone

Sonitpur – Assam – Green Zone

Tinsukia – Assam – Green Zone

Chi rang – Assam – Green Zone

Baksa – Assam – Green Zone

Udalguri – Assam – Green Zone

Biswanath – Assam – Green Zone

Majuli – Assam – Green Zone

Charaideo – Assam – Green Zone

Hojai – Assam – Green Zone

West KarbiAnglong – Assam – Green Zone

Nalanda – Bihar – Orange Zone

Kaimur (Bhabua) – Bihar – Orange Zone

Siwan – Bihar – Orange Zone

Gopalganj – Bihar – Orange Zone

Bhojpur – Bihar – Orange Zone

Begusarai – Bihar – Orange Zone

Aurangabad – Bihar – Orange Zone

Madhubani – Bihar – Orange Zone

Purbi Champaran – Bihar – Orange Zone

Bhagalpur – Bihar – Orange Zone

Arwal – Bihar – Orange Zone

Saran – Bihar – Orange Zone

Nawada – Bihar – Orange Zone

Lakhisarai – Bihar – Orange Zone

Banka – Bihar – Orange Zone

Vaishali – Bihar – Orange Zone

Darbhanga – Bihar – Orange Zone

Jehanabad – Bihar – Orange Zone

Madhepura – Bihar – Orange Zone

Purnia – Bihar – Orange Zone

Sheikhpura – Bihar . – Green Zone

Araria – Bihar – Green Zone

Jamui – Bihar – Green Zone

Katihar – Bihar – Green Zone

Khagaria – Bihar – Green Zone

Kishanganj – Bihar – Green Zone

Muzaffarpur – Bihar – Green Zone

Pashchim Champaran – Bihar – Green Zone

Saharsa – Bihar – Green Zone

Samastipur – Bihar – Green Zone

Sheohar – Bihar – Green Zone

Sitamarhi – Bihar – Green Zone

Supaul – Bihar – Green Zone

Korba – Chhattisga rh – Orange Zone

Surajpur – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Bilaspur – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Durg – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Rajnandgaon – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Ba star – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Dantewada – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Dhamtari – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Janjgir-Champa – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Jashpur – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Kanker – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Kabirdham – Chhattisga rh – Green Zone

Korea – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Mahasamund – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Raigarh – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Surguja – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Bijapur – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Narayanpur – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Sukma – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Kondagaon – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Baloda Bazar – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Gariyaband – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Balod – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Mungeli – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Balrampur – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Bemetara – Chhattisgarh – Green Zone

Dadra And Nagar Haveli – Dadra And Nagar Haveli – Green Zone

Daman – Daman And Diu – Green Zone

Diu – Daman And Diu – Green Zone

North Goa – Goa – Green Zone

South Goa – Goa – Green Zone

Rajkot – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Bharuch – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Botad – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Narmada – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Chhotaudepur – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Mahisagar – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Mahesana – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Patan – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Kheda – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Valsad – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Dohad – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Kachchh – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Navsari – Gujarat – Orange Zone

GirSomnath – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Dang – Gujarat – Orange Zone

SabarKantha – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Tapi – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Jamnagar – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Surendranagar – Gujarat – Orange Zone

Morbi – Gujarat – Green Zone

Amreli – Gujarat – Green Zone

Porbandar – Gujarat – Green Zone

Junagadh – Gujarat – Green Zone

Devbhumi Dwarka – Gujarat – Green Zone

Gurugram – Haryana – Orange Zone

Nuh – Haryana – Orange Zone

Panipat – Haryana – Orange Zone

Panchkula – Haryana – Orange Zone

Palwal – Haryana – Orange Zone

Rohtak – Haryana – Orange Zone

Hisar – Haryana – Orange Zone

Ambala – Haryana – Orange Zone

Jhajjar – Haryana – Orange Zone

Bhiwani – Haryana – Orange Zone

Kaithal – Haryana – Orange Zone

Kurukshetra – Haryana – Orange Zone

Karna I – Haryana – Orange Zone

Jind – Haryana – Orange Zone

Sirsa – Haryana – Orange Zone

Yamunanagar – Haryana – Orange Zone

Fatehabad – Haryana – Orange Zone

Charki Dadri – Haryana – Orange Zone

Mahendragarh – Haryana – Green Zone

Rewari – Haryana – Green Zone

Una – Himachal Pradesh – Orange Zone

Chamba – Himachal Pradesh – Orange Zone

Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh – Orange Zone

Kangra – Himachal Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sirmaur – Himachal Pradesh – Orange Zone

Solan – Himachal Pradesh – Orange Zone

Bilaspur – Himachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Kinnaur – Himachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Kullu – Himachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Lahul And Spiti – Himachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Mandi – Himachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Shimla – Himachal Pradesh – Green Zone

Baramulla – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Kupwara – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Ganderbal – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Jammu – Jam mu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Udhampur – Jam mu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Kulgam – Jam mu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Budgam – Jam mu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Samba – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Kathua – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Rajouri – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Ramban – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Reasi – Jammu And Kashmir – Orange Zone

Pulwama – Jammu And Kashmir – Green Zone

Kishtwar – Jammu And Kashmir – Green Zone

Doda – Jammu And Kashmir – Green Zone

Poonch – Jammu And Kashmir – Green Zone

Bokaro – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Garhwa – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Dhanbad – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Deoghar – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Hazaribagh – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Simdega – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Giridih – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Koderma – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Jamtara – Jharkhand – Orange Zone

Chatra – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Dumka – Jharkhand – Green Zone

East Singhbum – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Godda – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Gumla – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Latehar – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Lohardaga – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Pakur – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Palamu – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Sahebganj – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Saraikela Kharsawan – Jharkhand – Green Zone

West Singhbhum – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Khunti – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Ramgarh – Jharkhand – Green Zone

Belagavi – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Vijayapura – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Kalaburagi – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Bagalkote – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Mandya – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Ballari – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Dharwad – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Dakshina Kannada – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Bidar – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Chikkaballapura – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Gadag – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Uttara Kannada – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Tumakuru – Karnataka – Orange Zone

Davangere – Karnataka – Green Zone

Udupi – Karnataka – Green Zone

Chamarajanagara – Karnataka – Green Zone

Chikkamagaluru – Karnataka – Green Zone

Chitradurga – Karnataka – Green Zone

Hassan – Karnataka – Green Zone

Haveri – Karnataka – Green Zone

Kodagu – Karnataka – Green Zone

Kolar – Karnataka – Green Zone

Koppa I – Karnataka – Green Zone

Raichur – Karnataka – Green Zone

Shivamogga – Karnataka – Green Zone

Ramanagara – Karnataka – Green Zone

Yadgir – Karnataka – Green Zone

Kasaragod – Kera la – Orange Zone

ldukki – Kera la – Orange Zone

Kozhikode – Kera la – Orange Zone

Kollam – Kerala – Orange Zone

Palakkad – Kera la – Orange Zone

Pathanamthitta – Kerala – Orange Zone

Malappuram – Kera la – Orange Zone

Thiruvananthapuram – Kera la – Orange Zone

Alappuzha – Kerala – Orange Zone

Thrissur – Kerala – Orange Zone

Ernakulam – Kerala – Green Zone

Wayanad – Kera la – Green Zone

Lehladakh – Ladakh – Orange Zone

Kargil – Ladakh – Orange Zone

Lakshadweep District – Lakshadweep – Green Zone

Khargone – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Raisen – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Hoshangabad – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Ratlam – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Agar Malwa – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Mandsaur – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sagar – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Shajapur – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Chhindwara – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Alirajpur – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Tikamgarh – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Shahdol – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sheopur – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Dindori – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Burhanpur – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Harda – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Betul – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Vidisha – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Morena – Madhya Pradesh – Orange Zone

Rewa – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Ashoknagar – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Rajgarh – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Shivpuri – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Anuppur – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Balaghat – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Bhind – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Chhatarpur – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Da oh – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Datia – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Guna – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Jhabua – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Katni – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Mandia – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Narsinghpur – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Nee much – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Panna – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Satna – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Sehore – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Seoni – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Sid hi – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Umaria – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Singrauli – . Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Niwari – Madhya Pradesh – Green Zone

Raigad – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Ahmednagar – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Amravati – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Buldhana – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Nandurbar – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Kolhapur – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Hingoli – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Ratnagiri – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Jalna – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Nanded – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Chandrapur – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Parbhani – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Sangli – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Latur – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Bhandara – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Beed – Maharashtra – Orange Zone

Osmanabad – Maharashtra – Green Zone

Washim – Maharashtra – Green Zone

Sindhudurg – Maharashtra – Green Zone

Gandia – Maharashtra – Green Zone

Gadchiroli – Maharashtra – Green Zone

Wardha – Maharashtra – Green Zone

Imphal West – Manipur – Green Zone

Thoubal – Manipur – Green Zone

Bishnupur – Manipur – Green Zone

Chandel – Manipur – Green Zone

Churachandpur – Manipur – Green Zone

Imphal East – Manipur – Green Zone

Senapati – Manipur – Green Zone

Tamenglong – Manipur – Green Zone

Ukhrul – Manipur – Green Zone

Kakching – Manipur – Green Zone

Kangpokpi – Manipur – Green Zone

Jiribam – Manipur – Green Zone

Nonev – Manipur – Green Zone

Pherzawl – Manipur – Green Zone

Tengnoupal – Manipur – Green Zone

Kamjong – Manipur – Green Zone

East Khasi Hills – Meghalaya – Orange Zone

East Garo Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

West Jaintia Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

Ri Bhoi – Meghalaya – Green Zone

South Garo Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

West Garo Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

West Khasi Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

North Garo Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

East Jaintia Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

South West Khasi Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

South West Garo Hills – Meghalaya – Green Zone

Aizawl – Mizoram – Green Zone

Champhai – Mizoram – Green Zone

Kolasib – Mizoram – Green Zone

Lawngtlai – Mizoram – Green Zone

Lunglei – Mizoram – Green Zone

Mamit – Mizoram – Green Zone

Saiha – Mizoram – Green Zone

Serchhip – Mizoram – Green Zone

Hnahthial – Mizoram – Green Zone

Saitual – Mizoram – Green Zone

Khawzawl – Mizoram – Green Zone

Dimapur – Nagai and – Green Zone

Kohima – Nagaland – Green Zone

Mokokchung – Nagaland – Green Zone

Mon – Nagaland – Green Zone

Phek – Nagaland – Green Zone

Tuensang – Nagaland – Green Zone

Wokha – Nagaland – Green Zone

Zunheboto – Nagaland – Green Zone

Peren – Nagaland – Green Zone

Kiphire – Nagaland – Green Zone

Longleng – Nagaland – Green Zone

Khordha – Odisha – Orange Zone

Sundargarh – Odisha – Orange Zone

Kendrapara – Odisha – Orange Zone

Kora put – Odisha – Orange Zone

Dhenkanal – Odisha – Orange Zone

Kalahandi – Odisha – Orange Zone

Cuttack – Odisha – Green Zone

Puri – Odisha – Green Zone

Anugul – Odis ha – Green Zone

Balangir – Odisha – Green Zone

Bargarh – Odisha – Green Zone

Boudh – Odisha – Green Zone

Deogarh – Odisha – Green Zone

Gajapati – Odisha – Green Zone

Ganjam – Odisha – Green Zone

Jagatsinghapu r – Odisha – Green Zone

Jharsuguda – Odisha – Green Zone

Kandhamal – Odisha – Green Zone

Kendujhar – Odisha – Green Zone

Malkangiri – Odisha – Green Zone

Mayurbhanj – Odisha – Green Zone

Nabarangpur – Odisha – Green Zone

Nayagarh – Odisha – Green Zone

Nuapada – Odisha – Green Zone

Rayagada – Odisha – Green Zone

Sambalpur – Odisha – Green Zone

Sonepur – Odisha – Green Zone

Pondicherry – Puducherry – Orange Zone

Karaikal – Puducherry – Green Zone

Mahe – Puducherry – Green Zone

Yanam – Puducherry – Green Zone

SAS Nagar – Punjab – Orange Zone

Pathankot – Punjab – Orange Zone

Mansa – Punjab – Orange Zone

Tarn Taran – Punjab – Orange Zone

Amritsar – Punjab – Orange Zone

Kapurthala – Punjab – Orange Zone

Hoshiarpur – Punjab – Orange Zone

Faridkot – Punjab – Orange Zone

Sangrur – Punjab – Orange Zone

Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr) – Punjab – Orange Zone

Firozepur – Punjab – Orange Zone

Sri Muktsar Sahib – Punjab – Orange Zone

Moga – Punjab – Orange Zone

Gurdaspur – Punjab – Orange Zone

Barna la – Punjab – Orange Zone

Rupnagar (Ropar) – Punjab – Green Zone

Fatehgarh Sahib – Punjab – Green Zone

Bathinda – Punjab – Green Zone

Fazilka – Punjab – Green Zone

Tonk – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Jaisalmer – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Dausa – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Jhunjhunu – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Hanumangarh – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Bhilwara – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Sawai Madhaopur – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Chittorgarh – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Dungarpur – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Udaipur – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Dholpur – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Sikar – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Alwar – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Bikaner – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Churu – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Pali – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Barmer – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Karauli – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Rajsamand – Rajasthan – Orange Zone

Baran – Rajasthan – Green Zone

Bundi – Rajasthan – Green Zone

Ganganagar – Rajasthan – Green Zone

Jalore – Rajasthan – Green Zone

Sirohi – Rajasthan – Green Zone

Pratapgarh – Rajasthan – Green Zone

North District – Sikkim – Green Zone

East District – Sikkim – Green Zone

South District – Sikkim – Green Zone

West District – Sikkim – Green Zone

Theni – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Tenkasi – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Nagapattinam – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Dindigul – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Villupuram – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Cuddalore – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Salem – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Karur – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Tuticorin – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Tiruchirappalli – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Tirupathur – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Kanniyakumari – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Tiruvannamalai – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Ramanathapuram – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Tirunelveli – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

The Nilgiris – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Sivaganga – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Perambalur – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Kallakurichi – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Ariyalur – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Erode – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Pudukkottai – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Dharmapuri – Tamil Nadu – Orange Zone

Krishnagiri – Tamil Nadu – Green Zone

Nizamabad – Telangana – Orange Zone

JogulambaGadwal – Telangana – Orange Zone

Nirmal – Telangana – Orange Zone

Nalgonda – Telangana – Orange Zone

Adilabad – Telangana – Orange Zone

Sangareddy – Telangana – Orange Zone

Kama reddy – Telangana – Orange Zone

KumuramBheemAsifabad – Telangana – Orange Zone

Karimnagar – Telangana – Orange Zone

Khammam – Telangana – Orange Zone

Mahabubnagar – Telangana – Orange Zone

Jagitial – Telangana – Orange Zone

RajannaSircilla – Telangana – Orange Zone

JayashankarBhupalapa lly – Telangana – Orange Zone

Medak – Telangana – Orange Zone

Jangoan – Telangana – Orange Zone

Narayanpet – Telangana – Orange Zone

Manche rial – Telangana – Orange Zone

Peddapalli – Telangana – Green Zone

Nagarkurnool – Telangana – Green Zone

Mulugu – Telangana – Green Zone

BhadradriKothagudem – Telangana – Green Zone

Mahabubabad – Telangana – Green Zone

Siddipet – Telangana – Green Zone

Warangal Rural – Telangana – Green Zone

Wanaparthy – Telangana – Green Zone

YadadriBhuvanagiri – Telangana – Green Zone

North Tripura – Tripura – Orange Zone

Gomati – Tripura – Orange Zone

Dhalai – Tripura – Green Zone

South Tripura – Tripura – Green Zone

West Tripura – Tripura – Green Zone

Khowai – Tripura – Green Zone

Sepahijala – Tripura – Green Zone

Unakoti – Tripura – Green Zone

Ghaziabad – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Hapur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Baghpat – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Basti – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Budaun – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sambhal – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Auraiya – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sham Ii – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sitapur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Bahraich – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Kannauj – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Azamgarh – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Mainpuri – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Shravasti – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Banda – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Jaunpur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Etah – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Kasganj – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Sultanpur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Prayagraj – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Jalaun – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Mirzapur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Etawah – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Pratapgarh – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Ghazipur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Gonda – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Mau – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Bhadohi – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Unnao – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Pilibhit – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Balrampur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Ayodhya – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Gorakhpur – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Jhansi – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Hardoi – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Kaushambi – Uttar Pradesh – Orange Zone

Barabanki – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Kheri – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Hathras – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Maharajganj – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Shahjahanpur – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Ambedkar Nagar – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

BaIlia – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Chandauli – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Chitrakoot – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Deoria – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Farrukhabad – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Fatehpur – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Hamirpur – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Kanpur Dehat – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Kushi Nagar – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Lalitpur – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Mahoba – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Siddharth Nagar – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Sonbhadra – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Amethi – Uttar Pradesh – Green Zone

Dehradun – Uttarakhand – Orange Zone

Nainital – Uttarakhand – Orange Zone

Udam Singh Nagar – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Almora – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Pauri Garhwal – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Bageshwar – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Chamoli – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Champawat – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Pithoraga rh – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

RudraPrayag – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Tehri Garhwal – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Uttar Kashi – Uttarakhand – Green Zone

Hooghly – West Bengal – Orange Zone

Paschim Bardhaman – West Bengal – Orange Zone

Nadia – West Bengal – Orange Zone

Purba Bardhaman – West Bengal – Orange Zone

Murshidabad – West Bengal – Orange Zone

Dinajpur Uttar – West Bengal – Green Zone

Bankura – West Bengal – Green Zone

Birbhum – West Bengal – Green Zone

Coochbehar – West Bengal – Green Zone

Dinajpur Dakshin – West Bengal – Green Zone

Purulia – West Bengal – Green Zone

Alipurduar – West Bengal – Green Zone

Jhargram – West Bengal – Green Zone